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Apple Glass uses iris scanning technology

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Apple Glass uses iris scanning technology

Apple Glass uses iris scanning technology

Smart glasses ideas from Apple.  Photo: 9to5mac

Smart glasses ideas from Apple. Colour:9to5mac

consequences informationthe Apple Glass VR headset uses iris protection with similar functionality to FaceID on the iPhone. The Iris ID sensor allows users to log in and switch seamlessly between them, as well as quick authentication when paying without a password.

Apple’s iris scanning technology in VR glasses uses a special camera that follows the user’s point of view so as not to disturb them, while guaranteeing high-quality images of the iris.

According to this source, the design of the Apple Glass will be different from the design of the Quest Pro that was just announced by Meta. Apple devices use materials like aluminum, glass, and mesh to give them a more premium look and feel than plastic. Users who wear prescription glasses can attach an additional pair of glasses with magnetic connectors inside.

Apple Glass is in the high-end segment with three different displays, including two MicroLED displays and one AMOLED display. It uses the same processor chip as the M2 and can run independently with the same capabilities as a Mac computer. The advanced camera and sensor system supports motion and environment detection. Glass uses its own written roS operating system.

The product is expected to launch early next year with an estimated price of $3,000, twice the price of Meta Quest Pro. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says they just need to break even with VR headsets.

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