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Trang chủ » Aqua QLED 4K TV will appeal to sports fans

Aqua QLED 4K TV will appeal to sports fans

Aqua QLED 4K TV will appeal to sports fans

Aqua QLED 4K TV will appeal to sports fans

The Aqua S5 series was launched by the manufacturer as a buyable TV for users in the sub-VND 20 million segment due to a number of advantages in terms of image and sound projection technology.

Minimalist design

With the pace of modern life, the TV is not only an audiovisual device, but also designed as a furniture for family members. Following this trend, Aqua always pays attention to the aesthetic factor in its products. The S5 TV has a “frameless” design language, with three frames that get thinner at the very bottom, making the viewing space appear larger so it’s more crowded. The housing is made of high-gloss stainless steel for a high-quality feel.

The base is steel so it’s still thin but strong and sturdy. Products can be wall mounted or even placed on a shelf, suitable for many spaces. Using a VA LCD panel will extend the life of your TV by more than 10 years.

TV models have different size options ranging from 50 to 75 inches.  Photo: Aqua

TV models have different size options ranging from 50 to 75 inches. Photo: water

Technology series for clear images

QLED panels are one of the achievements of the audiovisual industry. Thanks to hundreds of millions of crystals and a backlight matrix behind the screen, the device shows bright colors, good contrast, deep and true blacks. In addition, Wide Color Gamut (WCG) technology helps accurately represent each color level across a wide spectrum of colors. The color gamut changes smoothly even at high brightness, making each image look like a soccer game on the field, a race, a swim… more realistic when rendered.

4K resolution with over 8 million pixels makes every detail clear. Android 11.0’s image processing chip improves image quality, improves smoothness and reduces latency. Thanks to this, the audience does not miss the moment when their favorite football player scores a goal, a dramatic fight.

The hallmark of sports competitions is fast movements. To avoid screen tearing and frame loss, Aqua TV has developed MEMC motion compensation technology. This technology increases the number of frames, as well as the speed of movement between frames, using a special algorithm to increase the frame rate to give the viewer a subtle effect. MEMC also helps remove image noise from unstable signal sources and reduce ghosting and judder for more realistic moving images.

This device has many picture enhancement technologies.  Photo: Aqua

This device has many picture enhancement technologies. Photo: water

The sound is as lively as in the theater

The QLED 4K S5 series uses the Dolby Digital standard. This technology clearly reproduces simulated surround sound and creates a 3D effect that increases the height, depth and breadth of the sound. At the same time, the TV maintains clarity, limits distortion and a clear soundtrack. It also has 6 built-in HIYRA speakers on the front for the most realistic and immersive sound experience. 12 sound modes for any content, whether you’re watching a Super Bowl football game or a blockbuster, every experience will be as vivid as the cinema.

To optimize the user experience, Aqua has added hands-free voice control to its TV offering. Through integration with AI, the product recognizes voices more accurately, distinguishes local accents, and processes tasks and requests quickly. This function is useful for the elderly, people with vision problems and discomfort when using the remote control.

Another benefit is the Internet of Things (IoT). With IoT, Aqua TV becomes the control center by connecting to all smart devices in the family. Today, users can manage data, process information and activities from family devices right on the TV.

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