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Confirmation of the recently fired meta employee

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Confirmation of the recently fired meta employee

Confirmation of the recently fired meta employee

“Sad, hurt, insecure, frustrated and unemployed,” wrote Brianna Sgro, a former meta-recruiter, on LinkedIn. He was among the 13% of employees who were recently laid off at Meta.

“I just woke up and got a cancellation email. No warning. I fired a company employee via email. This is amazing,” tweeted Carlos Giffoni, a former product manager at Instagram.

And Madison Strickland, who works in the recruiting department, said New York Post: “Unfortunately, I was fired even though I was on maternity leave two weeks later.”

Meta logo near the company's office in Davos (Switzerland).  Photo: Reuters

In the Meta branch in Davos (Switzerland). Colour: Reuters

Several meta-couples even got bad news at the same time, including Jess and Anthony White. Jess had just returned to work two months after her maternity leave.

The rest weren’t happy either. Instagram account Amu Ami El Hadj, who claims to be a meta employee at her Seattle office, says she gets sad when the workspace is cramped and no one smiles when her former colleagues come to clean up.

However, some expressed relief when, after nervous anticipation, they were informed of the layoffs. Though sad, Sgro thanks Meta for making her have fun. “I joined Meta a year ago, I was very lucky to be in my dream company and promised myself I would stay for the rest of my life. Even if it all ends today, I’m grateful that I experienced it,” he said.

A man who works in the recruitment department wrote a “heartfelt letter”. people in business that “working for a well-known, well-paid company is a dream come true.” This person appreciates that Mark Zuckerberg was brutally honest three months ago when he mentioned spending cuts and acknowledged that layoffs were the last resort. “I think he found all the solutions then and now to avoid big cuts,” commented a former Meta employee.

Company policy is that the dismissed individual will receive 16 weeks of salary plus an additional two weeks for each year of service and will also be supported by 6 months of medical insurance. The company also grants them access to the company’s career resources for three months.

Zuckerberg’s tough decision

“I’m the founder and CEO, I’m responsible for meta-development, for direction and execution decisions, including things like that,” said Mark Zuckerberg. NBC News after the cancellation notice. “That was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make in my 18 years with the company.”

According to him, these difficulties not only affect the lives of employees, but the company also lacks many talents. “You guys really put your heart and soul into this place. Each of you, talented and passionate, plays a vital role in the success of Meta, a product used by billions of people. E-mail address.

consequences people in business, Zuckerberg held two online meetings on September 11th. One for a group of laid-off employees and one for those who continue to work. However, the content of the meeting was not disclosed.

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