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Dirty Twitter office

Dirty Twitter office

Dirty Twitter office

After people in business, Twitter employees say roaches are common in the company’s New York office, particularly in the bathrooms and locker rooms. The situation has persisted for the past few weeks, but shows no signs of improvement.

Twitter has leased its New York office through Columbia Property Management since 2015. The company also has leases with a number of other tech companies, such as Lyft and Netflix. A spokesman for Columbia Property Management declined to comment. Twitter has not yet commented.

Outside Twitter's New York office.  Photo: Business Insider

Outside Twitter’s New York office. A photo: people in business

To date, Twitter is the only building tenant registered as “Level B” on CoStar, a commercial property database platform. According to Sean Black, CEO of real estate agency BLACKre, companies on the list often take responsibility for cleaning and overseeing maintenance in-house, rather than hiring a third party.

Last month, people in business also quoted insiders as reporting poor sanitation at Twitter’s San Francisco and New York headquarters. Some employees complain about bad smell in dirty bathrooms, clogged toilets, but these problems cannot be solved. They also faced the problem of a lack of toilet paper and the need to carry it off the street. Many people have complained through Slack’s internal channels and emailed the company, but have received no response.

CEO Elon Musk is said to be “insanely” cutting costs after the Twitter takeover. In early January, marketing and advertising firm Canary Marketing sued Twitter for failing to repay nearly $400,000 in debt. They were also sued for non-payment of office rent in late December 2022. The company had previously been accused by several businessmen of failing to pay for the charter of two flights. Seattle employees at the company are also facing eviction from their Century Square Tower office for non-payment of rent.

Musk announced that he would buy Twitter for $44 billion in April 2022 and operate the social network in October 2022. Late last month, he compared Twitter to a “plane crash” and estimated a “negative cash flow situation” at around $3. billion by 2023.

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