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Trang chủ » “FPS Play technology improves the viewing experience”

“FPS Play technology improves the viewing experience”

"FPS Play technology improves the viewing experience"

“FPS Play technology improves the viewing experience”

FPT Play has just released the FPT Play 2022 decoder, a device that combines two TV technologies, IPTV and OTT, which represents a step forward in its strategy of creating user experience products. Previously, in 2021, FPT Telecom’s two divisions that owned both technologies, FPT Television and FPT Play, merged under the common name FPT Play. Lui Nam Phuong, deputy general manager of FPT Play, spoke about the merger and launch of decoder products that have two advanced technologies at the same time.

Decoder FPT Play 2022. Photo: FPT

Decoder FPT Play 2022. Photo: action

– What is special about the FPT Play 2022 decoder, ladies?

– A distinctive feature of this product is its “hybrid” functionality, where many different television technologies can be combined in a single device. Before the merger, we simultaneously developed two product lines: an IPTV decoder running on FPT Telecom’s network infrastructure and an OTT TV box product that users can watch anywhere. Hybrid is the current trend, and the decoder in Vietnam is also a pioneer product for this.

With the new equipment, it will be easier for customers to choose services. You don’t have to worry about where and how to use it, FTP Play takes care of it. Simple to use, everyone can experience the best TV service available today. Also, our customer service has become more convenient and can meet all the needs of our customers.

– How is the user experience different from before?

– Firstly, it will be easier for customers to make decisions when they need a device to watch TV and VOD content. You don’t have to choose between one technology or another, just choose FTP Play and use the tool.

Through the consolidation, we now offer a cross-platform solution, from the set-top box to use with previous generation TVs or applications on smart TVs and across computers and smartphones. Each device class has its own QoS (bandwidth priority). Customers using set-top boxes – the class with the highest QoS – will enjoy TV content with better quality, higher resolution, lower latency and guaranteed interference-free.

Consolidation also provides optimal arrangements so that users receive the highest quality regardless of the transport services.

This device combines two advanced TV technologies.  Photo: FPT

This device combines two advanced TV technologies. Colour: action

– Why did FPT Telecom decide to combine IPTV and OTT services?

– The current demand from users is to enjoy TV services anywhere and on any platform. As a service provider, our greatest mission is to meet this need.

Previously, each platform could have different content, different customer interests, different use of devices and applications. For example, FPT Play Box supports voice control for OTT TV but not for IPTV. But the Fusion combines the amazing properties of two cutting-edge TV technologies. Its main objective is to offer the user optimal value.

This benefits both new and existing users given the added viewing experience on other platforms. For example, customers who have previously used IPTV can only watch TV through a set-top box. But once combined, they can log into their accounts on up to three or five other devices.

On the supply side, consolidation has become a global technology trend and we are no exception. Vendors will be able to apply new technologies to transform themselves by bringing their single product onto a single platform.

Ms. To Nam Phuong is Deputy General Manager of FPT Play.  Photo: FPT

Ms. To Nam Phuong is Deputy General Manager of FPT Play. Photo: FPT

– What are the unit difficulties during the merger?

– So far it can be stated that this successful merger was made possible by years of careful technological, content-related and product-related preparation processes.

Previously, the division provided IPTV services under the FPT Television brand for 8 years and gained millions of subscribers. Meanwhile, based on the number of users downloading applications and registering accounts, FPT Play OTT service also reaches tens of millions. This is both a challenge and a motivation.

The bottom line is that the consolidation will benefit tens of millions of users. The challenge is to let all your customers know about it so they know the benefits of the new product. Over the past month, we have been gradually rolling out many new benefits for users.

– Why does the division still rely on hybrid solutions?

— As I said, hybrids are a global trend. We always study the most advanced things in the world and are suitable for the Vietnamese market. In fact, this decision was prepared years ago. This is the right time to introduce new products and solutions to consumers.

In Vietnam, many other providers are also building cross-platform solutions. However, with unified set-top boxes, FPT Play will play a big role. Aside from being a hybrid, FPT Play 2022 Decoder is also superior in terms of software and applications when using the iZiOS operating system.

In the current TV market, Vietnamese platforms also have to compete with cross-border OTT. The combination of everything in one gives us more opportunities to openly compete with foreign companies.

– What are the advantages of using the iZiOS FTP operating system?

– The development of a separate FPT operating system has long been considered a core value. This is also one of the factors that help us to stabilize in the market. This operating system has now been developed in a new version to meet the new demands and make it as easy as possible for the user and it is called iZiOS.

Being self-developed by FPT team based on Android TV 11 operating system, we can continuously optimize the system actively to improve the user experience. FTP Play is a data-driven service optimized based on the user’s own experience. The system analyzes the data to find out what viewers need and want to experience and what FPT Play needs to do to meet those needs.

– Devices aside, what does FPT Play do to maintain a competitive advantage?

– We invest heavily in content. In the past three years, this device has launched a lot of top-notch content, especially sports, entertainment, Asian movies, Euro-American movies. We are also preparing for the next license cycle for purchase and delivery to users. When it comes to films, the number of films is not only large in quantity and type, but also leads in terms of quality. Lots of popular content from big top producers was available on FTP Play from the start.

We are the market leader in hosting exciting sports tournaments such as 2022 Southeast Asian Football Championship (Mitsubishi Electric AFF Cup), National Championship (V-League 1), National First Division (V-League 2) and National Cup for 5 consecutive seasons running from 2023 until 2027. FPT Play continues to introduce Vietnamese audiences to other outstanding international tournaments such as UEFA, AFC, Bellator MMA, PGA Championship and NBA…

To meet the needs of Vietnamese users, local content is also very important. In recent years, we have invested in all football tournaments with Vietnamese teams of all ages to meet users’ needs.

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