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Trang chủ » Google employees don’t believe in Chrome’s incognito mode

Google employees don’t believe in Chrome’s incognito mode

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Google employees don't believe in Chrome's incognito mode

Google employees don’t believe in Chrome’s incognito mode

consequences blooming mountain, Google’s head of marketing, Lorraine Toohill, once emailed Sundar Pichai, the company’s CEO, asking him to “make Chrome’s incognito mode completely private.” The fact that the service isn’t truly private will hurt users’ trust in its software, he said.

The information is part of a publicly available court document related to a $5 billion privacy lawsuit against Google. In it, many employees also criticized the use of Spy Guy’s name and logo in early 2018. An internal study revealed that only 56.3% of the 460 users considered using stealth mode, which effectively protects their personal information.

Chrome's incognito mode helps users not see their browsing history on the device.  Photo: Gizchina

Chrome’s incognito mode helps users not see their browsing history on the device. Colour: Gizchina

Incognito mode is Chrome Browser’s privacy mode with the aim of “hiding all information, user web access operations”. However, acc Gizchina, just hide search history, surf the web with other users on the same device. This mode does not prevent Google or its advertising partners from tracking and monetizing a user’s browsing history when incognito mode is enabled.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has criticized Google’s claims about incognito mode as “false, misleading and misleading”. Meanwhile, the world’s leading search engine still denies the allegations.

Google says privacy controls have long been built into the service, and the company always encourages workgroups to discuss or consider ideas for improvement. “Incognito mode provides users with a private browsing experience and we understand how it works and works, unlike the plaintiffs in this case who intentionally misrepresented the allegation of ours,” Google said.

According to court documents, a Google engineer argued that they needed to stop using this incognito browsing mode and remove the Spy Guy badge. “Public research shows that users are not fully aware of how this feature works. What the company needs is to communicate exactly the level of privacy that it actually offers.”

In mid-2020, a lawsuit was filed against Google for violating the privacy of millions of users by tracking their online activity, even when the browser is in incognito mode. Information is collected through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other mobile apps and websites. plugins. It helps Google learn users’ preferences, interests, shopping habits, favorite products, and even embarrassing secrets from what they search online. In addition, Google also violates California state law by requiring user consent when tracking personal information.

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