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Trang chủ » iPhone battery replacement prices are skyrocketing

iPhone battery replacement prices are skyrocketing

iPhone battery replacement prices are skyrocketing

iPhone battery replacement prices are skyrocketing

According to an announcement on Apple’s website, the new price will apply to all iPhone models up to the iPhone 14 starting March 1. Currently, the battery replacement price for older design iPhones (with a home button) is $49, while for new iPhones (with Face ID) – $69. After the price increase, users will have to spend $69 and $89 respectively.

In addition, the increase also occurred in several iPad products. Meanwhile, replacement battery prices for other products such as MacBook Air increased $30 from $129 to $159, MacBook Pro increased $50 from $199 to $249.

Apple also pointed out that the price adjustment only applies if the customer needs to replace the battery outside of the warranty period. If the device is still under warranty or has purchased an AppleCare+ upgrade pack, the battery will be replaced free of charge. The company didn’t say if it would change the price of its own repair plans.

A Vietnamese worker opens the iPhone 13 Pro to see the inside in September 2021.  Photo: Tuan Hung

In September 2021, Vietnamese workers disassembled an iPhone 13 Pro to see what was inside. A photo: Mr Hang

After The EdgesThe price increase is “not too surprising” as Apple previously announced that a replacement battery for the iPhone 14 would only cost $99. However, this page also highlights some inconsistencies in company policies. For example, users are promised a free battery replacement if the device has AppleCare+ and the battery is less than 80% of its original capacity.

Author Mitchell Clark from this site used an iPhone 12 mini with extended warranty but still asked for payment as the battery was 84% ​​charged in February 2022. Almost a year later, the sense of battery life has decreased significantly, but the battery health in the settings remains the same, so free battery replacement is not an option.

This is Apple’s second price adjustment in more than three years. In 2019, the company offered a $29 battery replacement price for all iPhone models after it was accused of intentionally degrading the device’s performance. As of 2020, battery replacement prices have been increasing again and again in March.

How the prize will be implemented in Vietnam is not yet clear. Currently, the price of battery replacement at Apple Authorized Warranty Centers in the country is VND 1.6-1.7 million for iPhone X through iPhone 13 Pro Max models and VND 2.5 million for iPhone 14 models.

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