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Trang chủ » It is this performance that makes the QN900B Neo QLED TV attractive to users

It is this performance that makes the QN900B Neo QLED TV attractive to users

It is this performance that makes the QN900B Neo QLED TV attractive to users

It is this performance that makes the QN900B Neo QLED TV attractive to users

8K is the highest resolution TV on the market today. And with the QN900B Neo QLED, users can experience this flagship display technology from Samsung. An 8K TV has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, which is 33 million pixels, which is 4 times more than a 4K TV and 16 times more than a Full HD TV. A very large number of pixels in the same area increases the density to a maximum, making the display smooth and making it impossible to “see” pixels with the naked eye.

Samsung Neo QLED QN900B.  Photo: Samsung

Samsung Neo QLED QN900B. Colour: Samsung

Breakthrough 8K content

There is no doubt that 8K content is not very popular yet. However, users still have no problem selecting different sources independently. There are two platforms YouTube and Vimeo that stream videos in 8K resolution. Recently, the first 8K film “Mother’s Dream”, the first 8K film in Vietnam, came out in VieON film shop. Since the company in the early days of the transition from Full HD 1080p to 4K, today upscaling is a very good and suitable solution to bring the picture quality closer to 8K, users can follow the trend and experience better real-time resolution.

It took about a decade for Full HD resolutions to become the norm, and with 4K they’re declining significantly. With the help of major manufacturers like Samsung, the 8K resolution is said to do the same. TV models like the Neo QLED QN900B not only meet the highest demands of modern users, but also prepare for the coming 8K boom era.

This year’s flagship technology is the 14-bit Quantum Mini LED backlight, which is 40 times smaller than a traditional incandescent bulb and offers impressive contrast and pure white light. The display contrast has been increased to 14-bit, which corresponds to a display of up to 16,384 color gamuts, which is four times more than the Neo QLED 2021 series. This is also the first commercial series on the market. . It is equipped with the Quantum Matrix Pro technology, which clarifies the transitions between light and dark on the screen and shows more details.

In addition, the new Samsung Neural Quantum 8K processor also plays an important role in improving image quality. Instead of just using an artificial neural network to analyze image data, the 8K Neural Quantum processor uses data generated by 20 artificial neural networks to optimize every detail of the 8K standard for all content and automatically upscale to 8K images . Character close-ups also highlight item details and 3D effects. The Neo Quantum 8K processor can analyze and then update the nature and characteristics of the content displayed on the screen in real time.

At the heart of the Neo QLED 8K TV is an 8K Neural Quantum processor.  Photo: Samsung

The “heart” of the Neo QLED 8K TV is the 8K Neural Quantum processor. Colour: Samsung

Apart from that, another new feature that Samsung has introduced with the QN900B is the Shape Adaptive Light Control technology, which limits the ghosting phenomenon that occurs in dark areas, which is often found in traditional LCD TVs.

In terms of design, the Samsung Neo QLED QN900B embodies high-end luxury with just 2mm thin edges, virtually no bezel. The body is metal, durable, stylish and only 15mm thick, slightly better than the old generation QN900A by 1mm. The back is completely flat, allowing for clean and easy wall mounting. The wired connector is housed in the included One Connect case, which is also thinner than the previous generation.

immersive sound

Appearance is good, the Samsung Neo QLED QN900B has an equally impressive listening side with a 6.2.4 90W speaker system, Dolby Atmos decoding support and Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) technology for sound effects. adjust to the moving position on the screen. For example, there is a group of people who speak, then those who speak hear the speaker on the side that is transmitted to the ear. This makes the audio in movies vivid and captivating. With 8 woofers on the rear, the Neo QLED QN900B’s bass is powerful, not shy.

The Neo QLED 8K has the same sound quality with a dedicated speaker system.

The Neo QLED 8K has the same sound quality with a dedicated speaker system. Colour: Samsung

If you want more immersive sound, you can install a high quality Samsung soundbar like Q990B, Q930B or S801B, S800B. They can connect to each other via Q-Symphony and support Dolby Atmos wireless technology, sound effects come instantly without wires.

Of course, one cannot ignore the Samsung Neo QLED QN900B TV running on the friendly and easy-to-use Tizen OS with a rich app store: Clip TV, FPT Play, Galaxy Play (Fim+), MP3 Zing, MyTV. , Netflix, POPS Kids, Spotify, Web Browser, VieON, YouTube…

It won't be difficult for users to find up-to-date 8K content.

It won’t be difficult for users to find up-to-date 8K content. Colour: Samsung

In general, last year’s Neo QLED 8K TV model already impressed with deep blacks and subtle colors, but this year’s Neo QLED QN900B impresses even more and attracts users like its contrast display. 14-bit, Quantum Matrix Pro, 8K Quantum Neural processor, Dolby Atmos wireless technology and sleek design.

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