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Trang chủ » Make a copy of yourself in the FPT metaverse

Make a copy of yourself in the FPT metaverse

Make a copy of yourself in the FPT metaverse

Make a copy of yourself in the FPT metaverse

FPT Techday is FPT’s annual technology event showcasing an ecosystem of products, services and solutions aligned with the latest technology trends. This year’s event will be held on December 15th at the Saigon Convention and Exhibition Centre.

An FPT spokesman said that this year’s program addressed the issue of concurrency, which was the first to use 3D mapping. In the akaVerse space, participants can create a second version of themselves by controlling a “virtual person” in action and moving around in a virtual environment.

akaVerse is a solution developed by FPT Software that combines Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality MR. This Metaverse solution is used by companies to create virtual stores and showrooms across physical borders.

FPT proves metaverse solution

FPT will demonstrate the Metaverse solution at Techday.

At the event, visitors will also get to know NextAMR, a self-driving production robot made in Vietnam. The robot can position itself, move without a specific path, actively avoid people and obstacles, and update the map to adapt to changes. It can carry loads of up to a ton, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and, depending on the application, displaces manpower.

In addition, Techday presented dozens of AI services implemented by FPT in 15 countries, such as B. AI virtual assistants for customer support, sales support, marketing, HR; intelligent control panel; AI systems for smart factories detect anomalies in production…

Established in 2013, FPT Techday is a technology forum that brings together broadly applicable technology solutions and platforms, offering lessons, experiences and practical solutions from consultants, technology experts and technology experts at home and abroad.

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