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Trang chủ » Samsung and Apple share concerns about the Plus phones.

Samsung and Apple share concerns about the Plus phones.

Samsung and Apple share concerns about the Plus phones.

Samsung and Apple share concerns about the Plus phones.

After Telephone ArenaReleased in early February, the Galaxy S23 Plus will be Samsung’s latest flagship model, the S Plus. The reason is that products are less competitive and not as well accepted by users as they used to be. The company sold a total of 30 million units of the S22 series last year, far fewer than the 33 million units of the S21. Of which 14 million regular copies, 11 million premium copies of the S22 Ultra and 8 million copies of the Plus.

iPhone 14 Plus and Galaxy S22+.  Photo: PhoneArena

iPhone 14 Plus and Galaxy S22+. A photo: Telephone Arena

Samsung’s first Plus phone was the Galaxy S6 edge+, launched in 2015 and featuring cutting-edge technologies like a dual-curved screen, a superior camera, and a large format. Since then, the Galaxy S8+, S9+ and S10+ series have represented the best phones in the S series. However, starting with the S20, the company launched the S20 Ultra, a device with the same design and features as the original. of the Galaxy Note series.

The change in product strategy makes the S20+ just an enhanced version of the S20. Apart from battery capacity and screen size, all other parameters of the two devices are identical. Meanwhile, the S20 Ultra is emerging as a new focus for Samsung’s high-end lineup.

The same problem worries Apple. The iPhone 14 Plus sold far less than expected when it was just an upgraded version of the regular iPhone 14. “Users aren’t attracted to big smartphones, but they lack the extra features, luxury, and sophistication they’ve come to expect from flagship models.” Telephone Arena Comment.

The Galaxy S23 series will be announced on February 1st at the Galaxy Unpacked event. The Galaxy S23 and S23+ will ditch the borderless camera compared to the previous generation. The lenses are housed separately as with the S23 Ultra. The most advanced model, the S23 Ultra, keeps the same design as the previous generation, but perhaps the screen is less curved. All three versions will be available in black, blue, white and pink.

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