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Trends in posting AI-generated selfies

Trends in posting AI-generated selfies

Trends in posting AI-generated selfies

While the debate over whether AI-generated painting should be considered an art form is ongoing, AI has gone one step further by threatening other “territories” online. Social: Selfies.

Selfie tool Stable Diffusion gained attention on Twitter after user Fabian Stelzer shared his artistic selfie. First Stelzer takes a picture of himself and then uses AI to create a series of portraits in different styles. In some photos he looks like a film director, in others like an adventurer or film actor. She even turned into a female version. consequences uglinessmany users also show their “artificial intelligence” portraits on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter… continuing the trend of painting with text from time to time.

Original selfie (left) with Stelzer and AI graphics (right). Colour: Fabian Stelzer

Stable Diffusion, since the inception of Stability.AI, is one of many machine learning systems that help transform text into images. The system is trained on billions of photos and associated with keywords related to aesthetics, location and art style. As a result, the “artistic selfie photography industry” was born.

The description of Stable Diffusion states that the AI ​​processing can take up to 90 minutes and the number of photos created is unlimited. The page is now called up dress everyone claims to be able to create unique selfie sequences from as little as 5 photos per hour.

Stelzer himself admitted that he was surprised that AI could work effectively with just a few reference images. However, the input photos are quite similar, so the AI ​​work lacks expressive variation.

Fabian Stelzer believes in AI and has developed with it SALT – Movies about internet adventures created by artificial intelligence. The film uses well-known AI tools such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and DALL-E 2 to create images, sound is generated by Synthesia and Murf. He also uses GPT-3’s “Super AI” to write scripts. At the end of each scene, the user can select the next outcome and the AI ​​will continue to create a movie based on the selected content.

“AI can change the world in the same way humans invented the printing press. It’s going to have a huge impact on social media and then culture before it seeps into other areas of life,” Stelzer said.

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