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Trang chủ » Twitter is in turmoil if anyone can buy the green tick

Twitter is in turmoil if anyone can buy the green tick

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Twitter is in turmoil if anyone can buy the green tick

Twitter is in turmoil if anyone can buy the green tick

This week the Twitter Blue account registration service was launched. For $8 per month, users will see fewer ads and their account name will be highlighted in blue. This checkbox used to be a verified account to help companies, politicians, journalists, celebrities… to avoid identity theft. And now it seems that taxes have been paid from the account.

The new feature immediately caused chaos, as several Blue Twitter account owners suggested they sue the social network’s censorship system. A man named ex-US President George W. Bush later posted derogatory messages. Another account claiming to be former British Prime Minister Tony Blair re-shared the above article. Meanwhile, one account changed to “Donald Trump” and said, “Here’s why Musk’s plan won’t work.”

Seriously, the Nintendo of America account even posted a picture of Mario’s character holding a “sore thumb.” The social network itself is also being spoofed when a Twitter account with a green tick claims that users can sign up for the free Twitter Blue service when connected to a crypto wallet.

Twitter and Donald Trump impersonating Twitter.

Twitter and Donald Trump impersonating Twitter.

When Musk reflected on the fake status, he responded with just two emojis. “Elon Musk doesn’t care. He thought it was funny. Let’s see how long that lasts.” forbes Comment.

Meanwhile, Twitter also blocked or banned accounts impersonating other people who posted fake news hours later. The company says it “actively monitors fraudulent behavior.” However, edge I figured it would be like an unmanageable game of cat and mouse when a joke costs $8.

Elon Musk laughs at the thought of imitation.

Elon Musk “laughs through tears” as he reflects on the facial expressions.

With the same green tick, the only way readers can tell a real account from a fake one is if they see the account name instead of the display name after the @ sign. Previously, Twitter added a gray “Authorized” sticker to verified accounts. But the feature disappeared in just a day as Musk still found this authentication method confusing.

During an online meeting with the company’s advertising partners on Sept. 11, Musk acknowledged that charging “$8 a month for a verification badge was a bad decision, but we’ll see.” He points out that this is necessary to combat the “millions of bots” on Twitter. On the same day, he posted on social media that Twitter “is going to do a lot of stupid things in the coming months.”

The new Twitter Blue plan is rolling out for the iOS app in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.


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