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Twitter no longer sells organic products

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Twitter no longer sells organic products

Twitter no longer sells organic products

This move follows a rapid increase in the number of fraudulent accounts on the platform. Green tick only for celebrity or corporate accounts… to avoid spoofing. However, when Elon Musk allowed anyone to buy Twitter Blue for $8, many people bought their names and changed their names to celebrities, posting fake news and wreaking havoc on social media.

Elon Musk's green Twitter account.  Photo: Reuters

Elon Musk’s green Twitter account. Colour:Reuters

The ability to subscribe to the green tick has disappeared from the iOS app. Meanwhile, this feature is not yet available for Android. The person who paid for Twitter Blue removed the blue tick.

Instead, Twitter uses a gray “Authorized” tick for verified accounts. The platform previously introduced gray ticks as a workaround to avoid counterfeiting when selling green ticks. First, Musk turned off this option within just a day of implementation. Given the constant change, it’s unclear how long the gray area will remain.

There is currently no information on whether this is a new policy or a system bug. Musk has warned that Twitter cannot weather the coming recession without increasing subscription revenue to offset falling ad revenue. However, he later stated that despite the deteriorating economy, his company will be in good shape over the next year.

Many large companies such as General Motors and United Airlines stopped advertising on the platform after Musk’s acquisition. In response, on September 11, the billionaire said he wanted to transform Twitter into a platform that protects the truth and discourages fake accounts.

high head (Track Reuters)

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