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Trang chủ » Twitter staff awaits his fate under Musk

Twitter staff awaits his fate under Musk

Twitter staff awaits his fate under Musk

Twitter staff awaits his fate under Musk

The communication channels on Slack were completely silent. The lawyer appears in the briefing room. This is the scene on Twitter after Musk finalized his deal to buy the company on October 27th. Musk has fired Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer Vijay Gadde and General Counsel Sean Edgett for not being transparent about the number of fake Twitter accounts.

Twitter officials are now concerned that Musk could endure rumors of a 75 percent reduction in the company’s workforce, though he has previously denied those plans.

Elon Musk arrives at Twitter headquarters on October 27th.  Photo: Twitter/elonmusk.

Elon Musk arrives at Twitter headquarters on October 27th. Colour: Twitter/elonmask.

“People are panicking,” said one staffer, who asked not to be named, saying it was a common thought when he saw “a large group of lawyers” at Twitter headquarters this week.

Not much information is shared within the company, so some employees have to read the newspaper to find out what’s going on and wonder if they can keep their jobs. “No notices of termination, not even internal announcements on any subject,” said another employee.

Many people follow the hashtag #TwitterTakeover, but doing so poses a risk of fake news being widely shared and disseminated. It’s unclear when Musk and Twitter executives spoke to employees. One of the biggest fears is that companies will lay off large numbers of employees before November 1st, the period when companies distribute shares to employees.

Representatives from Elon Musk and Twitter did not comment on the information.

Twitter employees stopped communicating via Slack, in part because they feared their words would affect their ability to stay with the company. “Elon is watching,” someone said. Some met for lunch to chat, even thinking it would be their last meal before losing their jobs.

Ali Mogarabi, an analyst at Morningstar, said the concerns raised by Twitter staff are in stark contrast to Musk’s message. In it, the American billionaire says he doesn’t want Twitter to become a “chaotic hell” and plans to show ads that best suit users’ needs.

“It looks like Musk wants to focus more on an ad-based business model than people are expecting. At this early stage in the process, there is no benefit from downsizing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kevin O’Brien, senior technical manager for the social network, commented: “Now is a great time to start a new job at Twitter. According to Musk, the number of job seekers could increase dramatically. own company. Many saw it. Acquisition of Twitter, which makes the company more attractive.”

It was quiet outside of Twitter headquarters, but the press remained focused on the expectation that early hires would actually leave the company.

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